Mexico City Metro Train Bridge Collapsed Killing 23, Injures More Than 70

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A metro train bridge on the southwest side of Mexico City has collapsed as a train was passing over the bridge resulting in at least 23 people being killed so far and another 70 injured, many in critical condition.  Rescue workers suspended rescue efforts Tuesday evening while they brought in a crane to help stabilize the train and bridge.  Mayor Claudia Sheinbaum said among the victims were some kids but refused to give an exact count or release their identifies.  She also said 49 of the known to be injured have been hospitalized with seven requiring emergency trauma surgery.  The incident happened in the Tlahuac borough and according to Sheinbaum, “a support beam gave way” while a train was passing over over it.

The Mexico City Metro has a high safety record with only two previous incidents in which someone was killed in a train accident or mishap.  The metro has one of the world’s highest ridership rates in the world.  Questions have rose asking if a 7.1 earthquake in 2017 that struck in the area could have caused the support pillars to have become weaker and went unnoticed.