British Columbia Man Build Working Submarine In His Garage As Pandemic Project

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Hank Pronk of British Columbia stands next to his home made submarine

Hank Pronk of British Columbia, Canada spent the summer completing the ultimate project in his garage as part of his pandemic project.  While most people learned to sew, solves puzzles and perfected bread making, Hank took projected he started a quit eight years earlier and remade it into a fully functioning submarine in his garage.  “It’s a nice, working little sub,” said Hank.

homermade submarine at bottom of lake

The sub can submerge to a depth of 400 feet and with its clear acrylic top conning tower he is able to see all around him while submerged.  Hank said he even has an escape system in case his sub get tangled up and stuck while submerged.  Hank, who’s is not an engineer and has no building or construction experience, credits his success to the internet and Youtube with being able to learn how to build his submarine.

homemade submarine coming back to the dock at Premier Lake in BC

In addition to getting down to 400 feet below water, he has enough oxygen to stay submerged for 72 hours.  The sub is powered by golf cart batteries and can travel around for about five hours.  He recently took his sub to the bottom of Premier Lake in B.C.  The sub is outfitted with a remote controlled arm as well for retrieving or doing basic underwater work, though he said he has no plans to use this for business purposes.

Hommade submarine fits onto trailer as its pulled from water


Images courtesy of Hank Pronk