United Airlines’ Houston Hub Grows As Demand Increases Faster Than Expected

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By the end of June, United Airlines will fly nearly 6,000 flights per month out of Houston’s Bush Intercontinental Airport, and is currently United’s second busiest hub with only Denver beating out Houston for number of flights per day or per month.  United is currently at almost 500 flights per day and by the end of the summer is expected to reach as many as 600 flights per day with Mexico and the rest of Latin American being a shiny spot as travel demand to these destinations is actually higher than before the pandemic.

United’s hubs on the west and east coasts, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York (Newark) and Washington, D.C. (Dulles) remain down as they are more international travel hub orientated while the airlines’ three mid-continent hubs continue to do well, that being Denver, Houston and Chicago.  United’s bookings are up 214% compared to last year, which is no surprise considering just how few people actually were traveling last year during the pandemic.

Over the past weekend the TSA screened more than 3 million passengers per day, setting another post pandemic record.  United has been on a mad dash to recall agents and hire new ones as more and more flights arrive at Houston IAH airport.  At the end of the week United will increase the number of daily flights by another 70 flights to fill out the airline's 4 o'clock bank and add to the other five banks throughout the day.  By the end of the summer United expects to have 7 banks per day.