Amazon Sued By CPSC To Force A Recall Of Hundreds Of Thousands Of Products

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The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), a federal agency of the U.S. government, filed a lawsuit against online retail giant Amazon hoping to force Amazon to recall hundreds of thousands of unsafe and defective products that the CPSC says are unsafe and pose serious hazards saying Amazon had to “accept responsibility” for the products listed on its platform just the same as brick and mortar retailers have to for products they sell in their stores.

Products included in the lawsuit include;

400,000 hair dryers that do not have the required immersion protection if dropped in water,

24,000 carbon monoxide detectors that did not work when tested by the CPSC,

Children's sleepwear garnets that failed to meet federal flammability requirements when tested by the CPSC.

Amazon for its part said it had removed most of the items indicated by the CPSC from its website and that it voluntarily issued Amazon credits to consumer who bought these items along with a notice that the product might be unsafe.  Amazon went on to say in a statement that it has tried to work with the CPSC over the remaining items but that the CPSC remains “unresponsive”, and has failed to work with Amazon on figuring out which other products are in question saying it was “unclear” why the CPSC filed a lawsuit when the retail had already taken action.

The CPSC says simply issuing Amazon credits were not enough, that consumer deserve to have actual refunds and that the unsafe products must be recovered and destroyed, which is what brick and mortar stores are also required to do.  Items sold on the Amazon platform that are sold by third party retailers are not covered in this lawsuit, these are items sold directly by Amazon.