Biden Administration Sues Texas Over Gov. Abbott’s Order Regarding Illegal Immigrants - Opinion

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On Friday the U.S. Attorney General filed a lawsuit against Texas claiming Texas Gov. Grab Abbott’s recent state executive order allowing state troopers to stop vehicles suspected of carry illegal immigrants on the grounds that they might have Covid-19 and therefore are spreading it.  Throughout the pandemic Gov. Abbott has resisted any types of lockdowns, restrictions or curbed personal liberties, travels and freedoms or actions by law enforcement to curb the spread of Covid-19.  This wreaks more of politics than good governance and that’s because Abbott is up for reelection next year.

Under Gov. Abbott’s order, Texas DPS officers can stop any private vehicle when they have “reasonable suspicion” that it may be carrying illegal immigrants.  Once stopped, if it indeed has illegal immigrants, state troopers can either reroute the vehicle back to where they came from or impound the vehicle.  The AG lawsuit claims the governor’s orders are both “dangerous” and “contrary to federal law” and that it could interfere with federal immigration operations, federal intelligence and sting operations routinely carried about ICE, and migrant transport.

Texas DPS State Troopers at scene of knife attack

It is odd that Abbott would take such strong stance about Covid-19 considering that in the past he has been opposed to any type of Covid-19 actions or restrictions that might limit the spread of the virus.  But in this one executive order, he took a ‘look here I’m battling covid-19’ while also not affecting anyone other than illegal immigrants who often have no voice and those who happen to be hispanic since that is the demographic state troopers will be looking at in determining if there are illegals in the vehicle.  The reality is, you don’t drive down the road and see a person of white Anglo-Saxon decent and wonder if they are here illegally.

“As governor of Texas, I have a responsibility to protect the people of Texas - a responsibility that grows more urgent by the day,” said Abbott in his order saying he is trying to “reduce the risk of Covid-19 in our communities.”

I asked 2 large hospitals in Texas, one in Dallas the other in Houston, what percentage of their Covid-19 patients have no insurance.  Both hospitals reported about 7%.  Doing some quick math, I quickly discovered that 93% had insurance then, based on what the hospitals told me.  

The thing is, to get health insurance in the United States you have to either be working and get it through your employer, get it through the health insurance marketplace, or receive government insurance such as medicare for retirees or medicaid for low income people.  Each of these ways to get insurance require you to prove you’re in the U.S. legally, either when you got hire and provided your employer your two forms of identification, or with the government checking your states when you applied for benefits.  So this would mean, the majority of people with Covid-19 in Texas seem to be Texans and U.S. citizens or at least here legally working.  Why the doesn’t the governor take action to stop anyone suspected of having Covid-19?  The answer in one word - Politics.

Texas State Troopers perform an important service for Texas, serving the people of Texas and protecting them from crime.  Regardless of personal beliefs or political views, Texas troopers serve and do their jobs with honor and integrity by enforcing the laws of Texas.  They should not have been brought into this political action.  A proper Covid-19 plan involves all humans and should not give a pass to some while profiling others and taking action against a few, especially since the majority of Covid-19 cases in Texas are with U.S. citizens.

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