Texas Sales Tax Holiday Starts Today

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As students across the state get ready to start school with on campus classes, Texas’ annual sales tax suspension has started and runs through August 8.  The event is aimed to help students, both primary schools and college student save on essential items needed for school.  Under the rules, items considered school supplies that are under $100 dollars are tax free.  Most retailers launch sales to reduce the price of items above $100 in order to qualify, but many other items below $100 are also on sale.  What is considered school supplies is a pretty vast field of consumer items, everything from clothing, calculators, computer accessories, backpacks and other types of school bags.  Jewelry and specialized sporting clothing do not qualify for tax free status.

The average Texas family with students spend a little over $800 and if they have college students, it is about $1,200 each year.  An estimated $10 million in sales tax will be saved by Texas consumers over the tax-free weekend.

But you don’t have to be a student to save, anyone buying any items covered under the tax free program saves, not just students.