Air India Express Boeing 737 Accident Kills 18 During landing in Kozhikode

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A Boeing 737-800 airplane operated by Air India Express overran the short 8,800 feet (2,700 meter) runway in Kozhikode, India killing 18 and wounded over 100.  According to Arun Kumar of India’s Directorate General of Civil Aviation, the runway is known as a “tabletop” runway because at both ends there is a cliff or significant drop-off and that the airplane was making its second attempt to land when the incident occurred.  The flight was carrying Indian nationals being repatriated from Dubai due to the pandemic.  The airplane slid off the end of the runway and down into a valley.

According to initial reports by Directorate General of Civil Aviation, the flight made a first attempt but aborted the landing and went around and landed from the other direction and had a tailwind during the second attempt.  Due to the tailwind, the airplane didn’t touched down for 3,200 feet of the available runway, leaving it only a little over 5,000 feet to stop.  Weather conditions reported at the time of the accident show it was windy and rainy, further reducing the airplanes stopping ability.

Indian officials said they have opened an investigation into the accident and that the U.S. and Boeing officials will participate in the investigation.