Texas Grew More Than Any Other State In The Last Census

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The U.S. Census Bureau has released more statistics from the 2020 census, and it shows Texas gained 4 million new residents between 2010 and 2020, while the nation overall gained 22 million people.  Though Texas reigned number one in growth, other states with large growth figures include Arizona, Florida, Georgia, New Mexico, and Utah.  Texas will gain two more electoral collage votes giving it a total of 40 votes.

Among the fastest growing areas of Texas, Houston and Harris County grew the most of any Texas area, and was the third fastest growing area in the nation.  In addition to Texas’ large cites gaining a record number of new residents including Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio and Austin, many suburb cites grew with six Texas cities in the top 10 large cities for growth.  Conroe, just north of Houston, Frisco, just north of Dallas, New Braunfels just north of San Antonio and Round Rock just north of Austin all grew the most.  

The Houston metro area grew at a slightly faster pace than the DFW Metroplex, but the Austin area has the highest percentage growth as more tech industry jobs have been moving to Texas.  The Houston and Dallas areas have seen growth due in part to non-silicon valley type companies moving to Texas and taking up residents in either the Houston or Dallas areas.  Most of Dallas’ growth have been lead by people moving in search of new jobs, retirement, or better quality of living while most of Houston’s growth was lead by employers moving their company or significant operations to the area.  Both areas have seen a number of large companies move to Texas from either California or New York.