Texas Supreme Court Rules Against Temporary Restraining Order Blocking Over Local School Mask Mandates

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Texas’s attorney general’s office said the state Supreme Court ruling means “local mask mandates are illegal”.  The Supreme Court ruled against local school district’s which won a lower Court temporary restraining order that blocked Gov. Abbott’s executive order prohibiting schools from issuing local school mask mandates.  San Antonio and Dallas schools said a mask mandate will remain in effect despite the Supreme Court ruling, which was regarding a temporary restraining order, not over the legality of mask mandates and Gov. Abbotts executive order.

Houston, Harris County, Spring, Dallas, San Antonio, Garland, and several other school districts around Texas have also went against Gov Abbotts orders and require masks also.  In the state’s Supreme Court Order, it lists Dallas County and Clay Jenkins.  It didn’t list or say anything about school districts.  SMU political expert Dale Carpenter said that the narrow and specific ruling means it does not apply to the Dallas school district or any school districts in the state.

Bexar and Dallas County’s challenge to Gov. Abbott’s executive order is still working its way through the Texas court system.  Education and health officials have said masks are essential in schools where kids congregate closely in hallways and on breaks and in classrooms that don’t have extremely good ventilation.  This comes as nearly all of the ICU beds in all of Texas’ metro areas are full or near full as new Covid-19 cases surge.  According to the state’s health department which still requires medical providers to report new cases and variants among other data, in nearly all cases of those being hospitalized, patients have the delta variant, are between 12-30, and have not been previously vaccinated for Covid-19.  In fact, state records show nearly 99% of those who are now getting Covid-19 of any type are unvaccinated.  State records also show that there have only been 52 breakthrough cases of a vaccinated person later getting Covid-19.  In each of those cases, the person had relatively minor symptoms and did not require hospitalization.  In Texas, none have died from Covid-19 who have been fully vaccinated.  Over 30 million doses have been given in Texas so far.

Still this hasn’t deterred those who are against getting the Covid-19 vaccination.  Most who have not been vaccinated are not actually against being vaccinated as much as they are just not seeing why they should get it according to a Fox News report.  According to a study conducted by WHO, of those who strongly didn’t want the vaccine but eventually acquired Covid-19, it has prompted 10 people who know them who also didn’t want the vaccine to start wearing a mask or get vaccinated.  “When it finally strikes someone you care about is usually when these types of people finally realize and take action, they are very self-centered people who only think of themselves, they don’t see how they affect others around them,” says Amanda Hiuggs, a researcher for the WHO based in France.