Texas Supreme Court Rules Against Governor Abbott’s Ban On School Mask Mandates

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The Texas Supreme Court has rejected Governor Greg Abbott’s ban that prohibited school districts from requiring their students to wear masks while at school.  The ruling comes as Covid-19 is seeing a resurgence as another wave, this time the delta variant, spread across many states, including Texas.  Specifically, a lower Texas Court allowed school districts to require masks and the state’s Supreme Court refused to overturn or intervene in the lower court’s ruling, which results in school districts being allowed to decide for themselves on any mask policies for their own districts.  

A survey by Texas New Express conducted Monday and Tuesday found that about 35% of school districts wanted a mask mandate while the rest did not.  However, those 35% were in highly populated metro areas of the state accounting for about 68% of the state’s entire population.

Governor Abbott had requested that the very conservative state Supreme Court make a ruling quickly as schools are back in session and About said a lack of a ruling would cause confusion.

“I don’t think the governor is actually against students in close proximity to each other or in classroom that don’t have good ventilation from wearing masks.  I think what he was doing was pandering to the far right base because he is up for reelection.  So many of his other policies that have happened when it’s not election time are reasonable,” says Joyce Meyers, an independent voter in San Antonio.