More Than 1 Million Without Power In Louisiana and Mississippi, Damage Assessments Have Started

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So far one person is confirmed dead from Hurricane Ida in Louisiana and more than one-million residents have lost electricity in the state, including in New Orleans.  A further 100,000 residents in Mississippi have also lost power as it has been downgraded to Tropical Storm Ida.  Outages at 911 centers continue in some locations as emergency crews begin to try to restore services.  Police and local officials are urging people that evacuated to wait until Tuesday to return so that emergency crews can get to all the calls for help first.  

Man takes video during Hurricane Ida

Jefferson Parish president Cynthia Lee Sheng issued a curfew that started Monday at 6 a.m. until Tuesday at 6 a.m. to keep people away while officials work to rescue those still in need and to begin assessing damage to know how to fix and reopen the area.  New Orleans is located in Jefferson Parish.  Louisiana State Police warned that more fatalities are likely to be discovered in the coming days.

Brick building destroyed

Damage assessments have started across the effected areas, though Port Fouchon and Grand Isle took the hardest hit, and there is no word yet as to damage or how people are doing.  Early reports of damage in the New Orleans area appear to be localized, with some buildings destroyed, some taking significant damage, but most remain within little or no damage.

Hurricane ida damages side of a brick building

It also appears that the $14.2 billion in flood and levee protections have worked.  Crews closed more than 100 gates around the New Orleans area that have been installed or upgraded since Hurricane Katrina struck exactly 16 years ago on August 29th.  Widespread massive flooding during Katrina was blamed for most of the 1,800 people that died.  New levees were built while others were increased in height and upgraded.

Hurricane ida damage