Israel Starts Large Scale Booster Shots For Covid-19

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New data from Israel show that the Covid-19 vaccine wears off and that a booster shot is needed.  According to data from Israel’s Health Ministry, those fully vaccinated in January are just 16% effective against preventing symptomatic infections from Covid-19 while those fully vaccinated in April still have a 79% effective rate against symptomatic infections of Covid-19.  This new data only means protection from mild symptoms, however the data does show that even with a vaccine given in January, it still has strong protections by keeping those vaccinated from getting severe symptoms or needing to be hospitalized.  

In July, Israel began giving booster shots for everyone over the age 60.  A booster is just a third dose of the vaccine.  Israeli’s must wait 5 months after their second shot before becoming eligible for a booster shot.

As the delta variant causes a global rise in Covid-19 cases again, Israel has ramped up its efforts to give everyone booster shots by opening up the age groups who can get a booster shot, all the way down to 30 years old, or those who have weak immune systems.  Israel has had the lowest Covid-19 death rate per capita of any country so far.  It is also has one of the highest Covid-19 vaccination rates in the world.