Apple Agrees To $113 Million Settlement Over iPhone Throttling

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Apple has settled a lawsuit brought by a coalition of states lead by Arizona and Indiana in which Apply quietly updated iOS of the iPhone 6, 7 and SE to throttle processor chips to hide problems with aging batteries that often sent power spikes to the phone’s processor causing the phone to shutdown.  Additionally, Apple reached a deal this past March to pay iPhone owners up to $500 million to stop a class action lawsuit from going forward which claimed the same throttling problem.

According to an Arizona court filing, millions of iPhone users nationwide were affected by the throttling, often not knowing why and sought help from Apple only to be told there is nothing wrong with their device.  Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich even produced a memo to Apple’s Genius Bar employees in which Apple admits the problem and directed employees to deny repairs and to say there isn’t a problem.  “My colleagues and I are trying to get the attention of these big tech companies, and you would hope a multimillion-dollar judgment with more than 30 states will get their attention”, said Brnovich.  “Companies can not be disingenuous and cancel things,” he added.

For its part, Apple has denied any wrong doing but agreed not only to the settlements, but also to publish iPhone power management information on its website, within software updates and on iPhone settings.  In 2017 when a group of independent researchers went public with their discovery of Apple’s deception, Apple publicly apologized and reduced prices on battery replacements for customers with an affected iPhone.