How To Tell If Your Flight Is A Boeing 737 Max Airplane

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As the Boeing 737 Max is approved for commercial service again in the United States, you might be wondering how to tell the difference between a regular 737 and a 737 Max.  While flight schedules will show you if the flight you want to book is a 737 Max or a previous model 737NG or an Airbus, things can change and the aircraft you were suppose to fly on might have had a problem and your airline might have switched that airplane for a 737 Max.  Or maybe you fear that some airlines will drop the 737 Max brand and just call it a 737.

If you’re not sure and you’re about to board a flight and think to yourself, “Is that a 737 Max”?  Here’s how to quickly and easily tell if it’s a Max or not.  Look at the engines.  On the 737 Max you will see the back of the engine’s outer housing has chevrons which help to reduce noise.  These are CFM Leap-1B engines.  Previous 737 NG models do not have this feature and instead use the CFM56-7 engine which has an engine cowling that is even at the back.

737 Max Engine737NG engine

Not to worry.  The Boeing 737 Max is there most inspected, tested and reviewed aircraft in world history because of the two previous fatal crashes in 2018 and the subsequent nearly two-year grounding.  In the two years that followed the crashes, world regulators, engineers, the FAA and Boeing combed over the 737 Max with fine tooth comb and made numerous changes to the system that caused the two 737 Max crashes along with many other changes discovered during the nose to tail investigation.  The 737 Max is now considered the safest commercial airplane there is because of all of the testing and changes and reviews by so many different parties in the United States as well as Canada, Europe, Asia and other inspectors.