Aldi Food Giveaway on Facebook Is A Scam

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A scam is making its way around social media sites like Facebook in which the CEO of Aldi, Jason Hart, is offering to give you $75 worth of free groceries delivered to your house and an extra $25 Aldi voucher.  Texas News Express contacted Aldi who confirmed they are not running any such promotional giveaway and advises consumers to go to their website where they alway post any specials or giveaways.

In the fake Facebook post, readers are directed to a website called u2coupon in order to “validate” your entry, which requires you to share the Facebook post and then go to the u2coupon website and enter your personal information in order to ‘verify’ you shared the post.  However, as Aldi has confirmed, they are not offering a giveaway currently and after submitting your personal information, many readers have stated they began getting credit card offers, and a lot of other spam mail at their home address.

Aldi, along with other name brand retailers have seen a significant increase in the number of online scams being promoted on social media and through email and the Better Business Bureau has cautioned that legitimate promotional offerings can usually be verified simply by going to the businesses actual website.  “If it’s too good to be true, it usually is too good to be true”, said Marcel Goodman, a cyber security expert with Norton Antivirus.  Goodman said around the holiday time the number of online scams seem to increase, often times using a known name brand to hook you in because of the brand’s credibility.